Dear Hustla, thank you for reaching out and for getting your idea off the ground; for that alone you should be commended. Those who "DO" are who make the world move forward. As for our services, they vary, but none of them can be accessed unless we feel whatever is being presented to us. Having said that, we always begin with a consult, which is a scheduled time for you to speak to us about your idea, so we can get a real sense of how we can assist. If you'd like to schedule a consult let us know a few times that work for you and we can see when we can plug in. Consults are $50 dollars and hour plus $20 for Rod Campbell's book "DO: The Diary of a Hustla". If you have the book already, please let us know and we'll waive this piece. Thank you for reaching out and we look forward to your thoughts.

Sincerely, DopeOnly 

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