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Black Wellness.

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Pick a Saturday, from roughly 1985 to 1990, around noon, and you could find me sitting in front the TV listening and watching the newest groove "Soul Train" had to offer. Surround that with the coldest lip sync ever, a scramble board that was easier than the two step dude with the white hat did with New Edition that time, and commercials that featured S-Curls and Micheal Jordan break away dunks. All left to summarize the Blackness was Don Cornelius so eloquently wishing us all "love, peace, and soul" at the end of every show. I always felt his words were more than just a closing to a show, and I'm sure he meant them to be more. He came into our homes every week, might as well leave us with something; a sentiment, a life guide, principles to live by, and, maybe, just maybe, if he said it enough it would stick. Did for me. Really tho, what he wished for us, is there anything more? Rhetorical me.

"Black Wellness" is a concept that encompasses the spirit of Blackness, a deep understanding of one's cultural heritage, and the use of this knowledge as a source of motivation for personal growth and self-improvement. It is about being "woke" to the realities of the world, but also recognizing that life is complex and nuanced, and requires a balance of seriousness and levity. It is about embracing one's Black identity with pride, while also being inclusive and not harboring ill will towards others. It is represented by figures such as James Brown, Malcolm X, Coltrane, Angela Davis, 2Pac, and Scarface, who embody the spirit of Black Excellence and empowerment. Black Wellness is about being self-aware, and not allowing yourself to be a threat to others, but being in a positive state of mind, and being at peace with yourself.

I think it's important to recognize the elements that play vitals roles in arriving at Black Wellness. Please note the "period"...

Self-care is an important aspect of Black Wellness. Black folks are often subjected to high levels of stress and trauma due to living in a "white man's world" Word to 2pac. In response, Black self-care has emerged as a way for Brothers and Sistas to take care of their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. This can include activities such as exercise, meditation, and therapy, as well as cultural practices such as hair care and spiritual practices.

Afrofuturism, new to me, but I'm aligned with its progressive nature for sure, is another related movement that has emerged as a way for Black folks to imagine a future where we are not marginalized, and can freely express ourselves and our culture. This movement is a celebration of Black culture, creativity, and resilience, and is an empowering and hopeful vision of the future. None of our so called movements or outward expressions of positive self identity, be it "I'm Black and I'm Proud", "Black Power", "Black Lives Matter", and so on, have anything to do with white people. It's not aggressive towards them in any way, it's only, it's MERELY, bonding for us. We need that, we should have it without interruption. (ILL marginalizing that just to make a point.) Anything negative that will ever arise, as it relates to the Blackness discussed here is likely due to white people inserting themselves. It's ours, it belongs to us, and it's not harmful to you. Leave it alone, it's not for you. It's not like BLM been walking around with hoods on since forever. Cut the shit, mayne.

Black Excellence is also an important aspect of Black Wellness. It celebrates the exceptional achievements and accomplishments of Black folks in various fields and serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination we have. Whether it's in the arts, sports, or sciences, Black Excellence is a testament to the hard work, determination, and brilliance of us


Finally, woke culture is a term that is often associated with being politically active and socially conscious. Being "woke" is about being aware of the issues affecting our communities and actively working to bring about change. It's about being informed and taking action to create a better world for our people. I just ask that you share the information. Is it more important for you to know the information than it is for you to share it with those who don't and can possibly benefit from it? I don't know that it's helpful to chastise your Brother or Sista for not knowing what you do, especially when you could simply educate them. At one point, you didn't know it, whatever "it" is, so sharing shouldn't be too far behind you. We need you, we need your passion. What we don't need is the constant cultural critiques without any solutions. Hold us accountable, but do so while being of use. My only request.

In conclusion, Black Wellness is about celebrating Blackness and embracing the unique experiences of Black folks. It's about self-care, empowerment, and cultural pride, and it's about embracing the future with hope and optimism. Whether through self-care, Afrofuturism, Black Excellence, or woke culture, Black Wellness is a celebration of Black life, and a reminder of the resilience and determination of Black people. I wish you Black Wellness, period, because, to have it is to have it all, hence the period at the end. "Wellness", itself, is a general term, and BLACK, well, black goes with everything. You knew that already tho. I appreciate your time. One Love


Signed: Old Head Energy



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