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Dreams, touch, hugs...

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

In the quiet hours of the night, as our bodies surrender to the embrace of sleep, an extraordinary theater unfolds within the realm of our minds. Sleep is meant for our bodies to rest; heart beat slows, giving your body an opportunity to truly take off whatever it was wearing that day, and once you reach REM sleep, recovery is inevitable. However, it is at this very time, when you are most unaware, as it relates to an active world, where your mind can take you on a journey all of itself.

We call them Dreams. More expressly, they are random symphonies of the subconscious, providing an escape from an escape. Everyone has them, but no one sees them as odd, though they most certainly are. You’re enjoying an entire escape while your brain is, in effect, showing you a movie, all that it's making up right in the moment. No one sees this as odd? Beautiful, amazing, for sure, but not at all odd as well?

Have you ever paused to consider the sheer peculiarity of dreams? A random excursion into a world shaped by thoughts and emotions, dreams remain one of the most enchanting mysteries of human existence. Faces unknown, places unexplored—our minds conjure them effortlessly. In the theatre of our dreams, the mind crafts narratives that elicit laughter, fear, or joy, all while our physical forms lie in tranquil slumber. In lay terms, no one sees it as strange that your brain can show you faces in your sleep that you’ve never actually seen before in real life?

I'm sure science delves into the mechanics of sleep, seeking to unravel the purpose of these nocturnal displays. Are dreams a mere byproduct of brain activity, or could they hold the keys to realms of untapped potential? Whatever their significance, dreams cast a surreal and captivating light on the intricacies of the human psyche. Maybe it means something, maybe we are accessing something useful for later. No one truly knows, but based on the grand design, I’d say it has to have some level of importance, but even if it doesn’t, it is very cool to remain rested while in full exploration through dreams. Again, amazing.

Picture this: a gentle touch on your most ticklish spot, and suddenly, laughter spills forth uncontrollably. Only those close, those who know you intimately, possess this magical power. It's a fascinating quirk of human connection—an unspoken language that transcends words. Who would have thought that a simple tickle could be such a profound expression of trust and familiarity?

This peculiar human trait allows us to experience spontaneous joy, a burst of laughter gifted by those who share our innermost circles. The ability to be tickled, a testament to the bond between souls, is a delightful oddity, a reminder that even in life's routine moments, unexpected laughter awaits.

No matter the day you're having, there is a “mechanism” for a chosen few to brighten it, even if it's for just a brief moment, which, often times, is all that’s needed. What a gift.

How can this be? What is this thing  that allows for another to improve your mood with just the slightest touch? Who cares really. Just be thankful that it’s there. Use as needed.

Now, picture the warmth of an embrace—a simple yet profound act that transcends language. Human touch, in the form of a hug, has the power to soothe, comfort, and convey emotions when words fall short. In those moments of shared vulnerability, we find solace, strength, and a tangible connection to our fellow beings. A hug, an undeniable expression of our shared humanity, brings hearts closer, reminding us that even in a world buzzing with technology, our innate need for human touch endures. I love it when I can feel her heart beat on my back. Picture that.

In the grand tapestry of life, these everyday oddities hold pockets of wonder waiting to be unraveled. As we navigate the mundane, let's not forget to revel in the marvels hidden within—the dreams that dance in our sleep, the laughter exchanged in trust, and the warmth of hugs that bind us together. Life's oddities are its most beautiful secrets, waiting to be celebrated.

Lastly, speaking of odd, remember this, if people think you're wierd, you're probably just intelligent. One Love

Sincerely, Smirkface, the Lemonade Man

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