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Old Head Energy

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Do you ever feel like the world is moving too fast, and that it's just hard to keep up? It's understandable - with so much information and stimuli bombarding us every day, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But what if there was a way to approach life that was rooted in practical experience, patience, and a calm, level-headed demeanor...

We are now the uncles and aunties, we are now who they are referring to or talking to when they say "What up, OG?" Damn, where has the time gone? I remember the first time a young brother said that to me. Taken aback by the insinuation, I quickly realized there was no disrespect intended; just as it wasn't when I used it all those years ago towards my elders. It's a badge of honor and we should wear it as such. The young brother is acknowledging the promise of your life, the years that shaped you, and your ability to maneuver through it scathed, of course, but unbowed. Yes sir.

I give it back to them, absent of the years between us. "What up, homie?" Did you see that? We just gained ground, the young brother and I. He gave reverence, I gave Hip Hop back, we both gained more than what was expressed. 90's folk, Generation X, or "Old Head Energy", as I see it and feel it, I think we have to avail ourselves in this way, and I'm not talking about full on interventions or rallies of any kind. Truth is, the young brother doesn't want to be preached to and I don't want to preach. Where's the cool in that? I'll just leave a cent or two when an opportunity presents itself. I owe it to the culture that raised us both. Hip Hop is our meeting place, it makes both of us cool to one another.

Never in the history of time has one sub-culture raised consecutive generations. Hip Hop Culture raised me, Hip Hop Culture is raising my kids. If my daughter wants to go see Ella Mai, its a nice daddy/daughter outing, but, the truth is, I want to see Ella Mai as well. Hip Hop Culture did that. The gap between us and our children, as it relates to interest, world view, and the like, isn't as wide as the one that exist between us and our parents. Not to mention, we, us and our children, see the world through the same prism...Hip Hop. In this particular way, we are more alike than we are different, which is why we are able to have a conversation with a young brother that he'll at least consider. For our part, we must recognize that, on all fronts, those who are reached are the ones who are willing to be. The tools needed towards that aim exist within us as life-long practitioners of a culture that dominates the globe.

But what is "Old Head Energy" exactly? Old Head Energy is understanding that who we are right now is fresh. You don't have to be young to be cool or to be hip hop. In fact, Hip Hop culture, at this very moment, needs you not to be young. It needs you to have lived some, to have experienced some, so that the game you give is useful. Your perspective, the parent you are, the husband or wife you are right now is as fresh as anything. Live in it. It means something, especially if you are willing to share valuable lessons you've picked up along the way.

"Old Head Energy" is a unique and insightful way of approaching life that draws from the richness of practical experience in a calm, level-headed demeanor. It embraces the idea that life is a journey with its ups and downs, but ultimately, everything will work out for the best. This mindset is characterized by a willingness to share and pass on cultural knowledge to the younger generation, fostering a sense of community and connection based on shared experiences. "Old Head Energy" is also not getting mad at a young brother because he hasn't heard a particular song, especially when you consider he may not have even been born when the song came out. Instead, simply introduce the groove to him. I'm sure he'll appreciate it and appreciate you for broadening his horizons musically. Coin this bonding, community building. .

Here are four key aspects of "Old Head Energy" that make it such a valuable and refreshing approach to life:

  1. Embracing practical experience: "Old Head Energy" is rooted in a deep appreciation for the wisdom that comes from life's experiences. It recognizes that sometimes the best way to understand a situation is to have lived through it. This appreciation for practical experience gives rise to a more nuanced understanding of life and helps to put things into perspective.

  2. Keeping a level-headed demeanor: This approach to life is characterized by a calm and collected demeanor, even in the face of adversity. It's about not overreacting to life's challenges and instead approaching them with a sense of balance and perspective. By keeping an even keel, you're able to make better decisions, avoid unnecessary stress, and maintain a sense of peace and stability in your life.

  3. Sharing cultural knowledge: "Old Head Energy" involves sharing the cultural knowledge and experiences of one generation with the next. This helps to bridge the gap between generations and foster a sense of community based on shared experiences. By passing on cultural knowledge, you're not only preserving important aspects of your culture, but you're also helping the younger generation to understand and appreciate the world in a new and different way.

  4. Fostering a positive spirit: Perhaps most importantly, "Old Head Energy" is all about fostering a positive, good-spirited attitude towards life. It encourages us to approach life with a light heart, a sense of humor, and an unwavering belief that things will ultimately be okay. This positive spirit not only helps to keep you motivated and inspired, but it also rubs off on those around you, making the world a better place one person at a time.

In conclusion, "Old Head Energy" is a refreshing and grounding approach to life that values practical experience, patience, and a calm demeanor. By embracing this mindset, you'll be able to approach life with a greater sense of balance, perspective, and positivity, no matter what the world may throw your way. People ask me all the time "why you always smiling?" First off, huh? I'm happy, how come you're not? I just think it, I don't ever say it. It's just the "smirk" in me, hence the two tone bubbled eyed big head with the smirk. The smirk is aimed at whatever fast one life tries to throw your way. Try it on. One size fits all. Smirk the world, mayne.

Signed, Old Head Energy

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